Don't give up on us

by Beauty In The Breaking   Sep 20, 2009

Trying to quietly listen to you
as you tell me what you've been thinking
while I'm silently going insane
and it feels like the bottom finally fell through
as you say those words I've heard before.

Feeling really sick inside,
I refuse to start crying
and I refuse to freak out
because I hear what you're saying
but there is no way I'm letting it happen.

You tell me that you think it's whats best for me,
can't you see that without you
my life would have no meaning,
if you give up on us
then there's no point to things at all.

"I don't think you should wait for me",
those words hurt like crazy
and scared the hell out of me
as I get flashes back to the last time
someone said those words to me.

You think that it would be better
for me to go on without you
but there is no way I'm letting you go,
I will fight everything you say,
anything you could do to keep you.

Can't you see I'd rather run the risk
of any danger that I could face
then not be with you,
I don't care about the risk,
you're worth anything to me.

It's my choice what kind of life I live
and what I put myself through,
I don't care what it takes
or what the cost is to me
I'm going to stay with you.

My tears turn cold where they fell
and the pain in my chest keeps building,
I told you that I wouldn't let you go
but it still feels like my heart is breaking,
it hurt when you said those words.

I know you're tired baby,
I know you're tired of the pain
but giving up on us
is not the answer baby at all,
please don't give up on us.

I love you baby, oh so much,
you're the only reason I've still been trying at all,
and if you give up on us
and you let me go
there won't be any point in my life at all.

I love baby with all of my heart,
keep holding onto hope
just a little while longer baby
we'll find some way to make it work
just don't give up on me or us.


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  • 7 years ago

    by Kristina

    This poem is very deep and that's what I like most about it. You did an excellent job writing it! It also flowed really nicely. Please keep on writing, you have talent! 5/5