Words Cancerous

by ADEL   Jun 6, 2010

"My life is but a curse
Woven in sickly verse"

I am why and why I am
In the loss of whim
Lettered in mystery
Of margin and rim

How is it to die
Chocked in pie
Soused with bitterness
Kneaded with lie

How death shall come
To a slain hum
Drunk in life
Of poisoned rum

How rivers flow
And the leaves blow
In the rust of seasons
And the faintness of glow

Why poverty is the chain
Of my fog and rain
Snowed with misery
And the frost of pain

I am why, why I am
Poor to the rim
In health and fortune
And the loss of whim

( C ) Copyright 2010 ADEL ATTIYEH


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