Remember Me

by Countess of Monte Cristo   Aug 31, 2010

Remember me when the stars twinkle,
Remember me when the moon shines at night.
On celebration of the injustice i suffered at your hands,
These words today i write.

Remember me when the wind is chilly,
And you realize that you miss my warm embrace.
The one that kept you safe during those lonely nights,
Our memories are too fast to chase.

Remember me if you ever cry,
And when you need someone to erase those tears.
I catered to you until the end,
And i tried to free you from your fears.

Remember me with every breath you take,
I am the lover you'll never again find.
I'f id known this would be the ending,
If only time was within my power to rewind.

Remember me when you are with someone else,
If you hold her hands like you held mine.
I leave it to fate to bring me justice,
I have full faith in the judge that is time.

Remember me when you feel lost again,
And when you lie to everyone saying you are fine.
It's a shame how i was so naive,
It's funny how i never saw the signs.

Remember me when you have no one to help,
And the moment you cut the hand that held out to you.
By God was i enticed by your deception,
I admit i was a fool.

Remember me when you feel lonely,
When your past mistakes hurt your peace of mind.
But worry not, today i am smiling,
I'm alive and doing fine.

Most important of all, you must remember,
When a new victim of yours you have found.
It's been said numerous times already,
But that which goes, does come around.

* I don't miss him. I miss who i thought he was.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by kimara4955

    Love it, this poem fits so well with a past relationship of mine, every word. "i don't miss him, i miss who i thought he was" my favourite line, so short but so powerful. after the torture of your heart be betrayed to say, your loss, i'm over you, i just feel sorry for your next victim, remeber me, because one day you'll realise what you lost.
    great poem 5/5

    take care

  • 7 years ago

    by Dominique Lewis

    AWWWWWW this poem made me cry. Nice work!

  • 8 years ago

    by Rania Moallem

    Walah..amazing amazing ra2e3a

    i love it
    much ..with its sadness..sweetens..blaming..disappointment..i love it all..with the expressions and concepts

    and no be u gna find bunch of ppl who relate to it
    not me but..many will

    gr8 job expressing ur disappointment and yeanings
    gd title !

  • 8 years ago

    by Ronald Edwards

    Dearest Countess,

    Hold your head up and walk away in grace. What goes around comes around is sooooooooo true. I enjoyed the repetition of the first line in each stanza. It drives home the point your making. I hope your heart is not shut due to this thief of love stealing away your happiness, such a scoundrel.

  • 8 years ago

    by Lady Nik

    I will remember you because you're awesome :] I can really relate to this piece as well as what you said at the end. People can be so pretty when they have on a mask. I really enjoyed this piece dear. Keep it up :] Nik

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