Young pure boy

by Flynel   Nov 19, 2010

The pure young boy
I had met years ago
So true in everything he did
Someone who was innocent
Trying to have some fun
Taking actions without thinking
Loving someone without knowing
Just one person he shared everything with

That boy has turned into a guy
A guy who knows what he is doing
Just loves the attentions
Someone who wants to love everyone
And everyone loves him
Even though
Not for who he is
But for the way he acts

The truth that I see
Is that the pureness he had
Has gone and fade away
Its turned into a shell full of lies..


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  • 7 years ago

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Details: < fade> = <faded>; <lies..> = <lies.> OR <lies ...> (depending on whether it is a typo or you
    want to signify that more is left unsaid)

    "Don't believe in people, they will only disappoint you." That was advice I grew up hearing, but never
    Your portrayal of your friend is akin to the lambaste of a medieval troubadour.
    Even kings were afraid to offend them for fear they would be the butt of humor in cutting satire.
    Somehow, I see your purpose as different, perhaps as a means of awakening him to the superficiality
    that has taken over his persona. If that is the reason for the poem, I both salute you for trying to be an
    agent for good, and wish you luck.
    I wouldn't change a word, but would suggest you consider punctuation.