The Last Night

by Jemma   Jan 13, 2011

Burning yet in the dark is a conscience
Still finding a glow in the gloom
And eyes are wide in internal speculation
Of morality that struggled so soon

Am I that light? Are those frightened eyes mine?
Are the trembling limbs, shaking at unseen restraints,
Fighting for restrictions because the freedom
Of a soul is too dangerous a thing to gain?

Am I alone now? I hear breathing.
Is that another's light in the night?
Breath is too sweet and sickly so
Do they exhale upon me out of spite?

I fear the silence but the sound corrodes
Eating at me from within
Are the ghosts truly haunting or haunted
And who is engrained in the other's pale skin

And tomorrow who will ask of these things
In shackles of remorse torn from their heart
And I can know that beyond the last night
It cannot be me.


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