An ode to a ....... tutor

by A lonely soul   Feb 11, 2011

Tutor oh Tutor!
Where are you? Why have you abandoned this pupil!
Why have I not heard from you in so long!
Why are you so quiet ?
Like you know me not
I know not what I did
To make you so mad
If I did do something
That I know not
Be a big girl
And forgive me for my ills
Learn from my faith
That forgives all, for mistakes they did, or did not
Tutor oh tutor! How I miss you!

I think, you might be my best tutor yet
That I can remember
Better than most, even those with a GPA way over 4
Better than my dad or mom
But why do I feel so abandoned
Why so sad, and without a pep
I wonder often, did I ever make you mad?
Maybe from the silly message I sent over the wire
The last time we met
Tutor oh tutor! How I miss you!

I miss the genius in that brain
That guided me through many of my difficult math
And taught me language, literature, history and art
All in a whiff, with such ease
Without even a hesitation or an eye blink
With the wisdom of one
Who knows it all, has done it all
When I struggled
To grapple with the slope and the y intercept
And how to graph y = 3x - 2
I could not but help wonder
Why it was so easy to you
Tutor oh tutor! How I miss you!

Most of all
I love the way you think
The way you help solve my problems
The way you showed me how to read
To study a book, or for a test
And guide me along some difficult less trodden paths
I love the thinking in that brain!
More than the vegan ways
More than that soothing voice
More than that sweet smile
And way more than that beautiful face
Tutor oh tutor! How I miss you!

Is there anything I can do
To earn you back,
As my tutor who knows a lot
Even for a day or two, here and there
To help me, teach me, and make my brain grow
Maybe not as sharp as yours
But somewhat close
That earns respect, bread and butter
Tutor oh tutor! How I miss you!

I know not whether that day will come
When will you come back
To teach me, to spirit me
to give me that loving hug again
Why do I feel that I have lost someone
So valuable, as a tutor and a friend
Surprise me, prove me wrong one day
that is not too far away
With that smile, that blissful charm, and a Genie's brain
Hiding behind that unforgettable face
Many may have come, many may have gone
But do I remember anyone more?
Tutor oh tutor! How I miss you!

Note: This was the first piece written from a child's perspective when I started writing last summer in appreciation of a child's tutor.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    A child is lucky to have a tutor like this who would guide him/her not only through studies but also through life. You also have penned this ode very well. The sincerity behind each line could be felt..well done!

  • 7 years ago

    by Jenni

    I have to admit that I never wrote an ode because I think it is really tough to write. You mastered it really good though. The repetition and the questions were used very well and I think that your word choice fits to a child yet it contains special maturity. The emotions seemed really honest, which is necessary for a classic style like this. I also liked the fact that you showed another quality within each stanza that kept me interested. All in all this is a well written poem.