by Mark Spencer   Feb 24, 2011

By Mark Spencer

If everything is infinite,
And space goes on and on,
Then why will our reality,
One day, simply be gone?

In an infinite paradigm,
Should finite things exist?
They're mutually exclusive,
Opposites on that list.

And yet, the laws that we perceive,
Are finite at their core.
For universes come and go,
Like those that came before.

But if eternal laws apply,
How would they manifest?
Would such domains be linear,
As this realm might suggest?

The truth about infinity,
Is simple and succinct.
What has eternal properties,
Is perfectly distinct.

Infinity would have no flaw,
No beginning or end,
Perfection is its building block,
And that truth doesn't bend.

But our realm is far from perfect,
Within it, all things die.
This does not fit the paradigm,
And we must wonder why.

Our universe will end one day,
All flesh will die as well.
Which means they are not infinite,
A truth that time will tell.

Yet logic says infinity,
Is how it has to be.
For something can't come from nothing,
A fact I guarantee.

So anything that comes and goes,
Within that endless place,
Is not part of eternity,
And has none of its grace.

Infinity is limitless,
Completely without flaws.
Those who believe that isn't true,
Have been grasping at straws.

The finite or the infinite,
Which do you think is so?
Are you prepared to bet the farm,
On what you think you know?

The facts lead us to only one
Logical conclusion,
The finite world that we observe,
Is just an illusion.

So why is it that we perceive
Something that isn't true?
Do we not end the day we die?
That's what I hear from you.

You are convinced this dream is real,
You trust the things you see.
You think that finite things exist
Within infinity.

But when you trust your senses five,
You cling to delusions.
If you can't see the infinite,
You only see illusions.


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