Someone special.....missed on this special day (Loop poem)

by A lonely soul   Mar 14, 2011

On this day we miss an angel
An angel with an unforgettable smile
A smile that lifts the soul and makes it sing
Sing with melodies that can melt a heart
A heart that is a gem but too easy to crumble
Crumble and melt to sand and tears
Tears of sadness, loneliness and lost happiness
Happiness is what one needs to be beautiful
Beautiful, glowing, cheerful and radiant
Radiant to match the beauty on one's face
Face with eyes that glitter like a pearl
A pearl hidden in a golden shell
A golden shell with an artists brain
Brain beautiful but turbulent like an ocean
Ocean so quiet and serene but rolls mighty waves
Waves that crash too often with sentiments sad
Sad thoughts and tears in a wondrous blog
Blog so touching, so moving and mysterious
Mysterious to some but not to someone
Someone who knows how to read
Read the writings of an inner soul
Soul that is lovely, but sad and lonely
Lonely with expressions that touch a heart
A heart that is full of love, soft and gentle
Gentle but pretends to be rock hard
Hard and stubborn even when drowning in tears
Tears of days past and opportunities lost
Lost love, and unhappy remembrances
Remembrances sad that need to be buried
Buried with lots of courage and strength
Strength from yesterday & today to survive tomorrow
Tomorrow when one reaches for the stars
Stars within oneself that one needs to discover
Discover a dream to be the shiniest star
Shiniest star in a sky full of twinkling dreams
Dream courageously of possibilities endless
Endless imaginations and beautiful creations
Creations from the tears of a lovely sculptress

Written 2-14-11 (A different version of a similar poetry submitted earlier this special day).
Annotation: This is a loop poem, as pointed out by Meena (I din't even know, until Meena Krish pointed it out to many thanks to Meena).
Loop Poetry
Loop Poetry is a poetry form created by Hellon. There are no restrictions on the number of
stanzas nor on the syllable count for each line. In each stanza, the last word of the first line
becomes the first word of the next line. There are some variations. The rhyme scheme is abcb.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Ebony Hope

    Oh my, the emotion in this piece is wow. Amazing. I am absolutely speechless thanks to this piece.

  • 7 years ago

    by L

    I loved the structure. . . A loop poem.
    Its the first time I see one. Its interesting and also I liked the emotion.

    my favorite lines:

    "Someone who knows how to read
    Read the writings of an inner soul"

    "A heart that is full of love, soft and gentle
    Gentle but pretends to be rock hard"

  • 7 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    This someone special truly sounds like an angel. The flow is smooth and behind each line there are deep sentiments too..nicely done! It also looks like you have done a loop poem..liked the read :)

  • 7 years ago

    by Robert Gardiner

    Wonderfully Penned!!!

  • 7 years ago

    by Jenni

    This is great! I liked the repetition you used, made it flow perfectly. The imagery you've set couldn't be better. This poem is full of emotions, i loved reading every bit of it. Keep up the good work! :)