Reflecting Smiles (Through Dreams)

by Beautiful Forever   Jul 12, 2011

A small thought twists and spirals into a dream
Passing lost memories, lies, and hopeful wishes
Wouldn't it be nice to see a diamond in the rough
Or is it too good to be... anything we could achieve?

Our smiles match wonderfully, even at night...
Under the stars where our lips first press...
So gentle, so alive... so perfect (Never stop)
We're on top of the world tonight...

The hours pass with meaningless conversation
The reality is lost in the emotions soaring endlessly
Our forever is here and now (in each others arms...)
With no one else around to steal our imagination

Ducking under impressions and avoiding insecurities
The relationship sparks fireworks in our hearts
Just before we have to depart I give a smile...
Only to wake up and see you doing the same


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