The Silvered Sailor: Upon a Broken Shore

by Beautiful Forever   Jul 20, 2011

Speckles of sand fall from a roughly unshaven face...
as sunset's tears bath scattered shipwrecked remains
Days of pain and anguish through sullen eyes never erase
for desolation and mourning have left their corporal stains.

Tainted memories fade into a warmer, safer place of his mind
where an ivory gown shimmered beneath a luminescent moon.
Deeper traces trapped desperately in loves arms are hard to find
for tides pilfered the passionate heart of it's twinkling fortune.

There's no time for lies or goodbyes, these wishes are gone
melted into the shallow graves of a twilight before...
A strong heart burns passion into the reminiscing dawn
survival igniting the chilled reflection of a silvered sailor.

A dream eclipsed by nightmare twists into distorted reality
the echo of snapping timbers still plaguing the caverns of his heart
His ship is as broken as his mentality, drifting into ethereality
Alas, within despair's veil, there appears an elegant work of art...


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