Angel of Silver and Lies (Nightmare Story)

by Milo   Aug 16, 2011

The empty playground
yields no laughter here
nor its midnight winter
Full of enchanted snow
only a bleak stare
Of childhood memories
as I wondered too far
With nowhere else to go

Dull chanting trees with sprouted vines
stood vast along the red bricks of my past
The smell of death and poverty
lingers with burning cars in the streets

Snow like ashes begin to fall
they taste like battery acid on my tongue
As I spin in circles like children do
I spin in circles, nine years old
Smiling with my hands held high
to my inevitable doom

Hellspeak voices dances with the wind
as I walk to the edge of the playground
My feet bled with glass in the sand
through mist and fog
There I see my Angel coming to me

Sleek dark hair
lay rest with silver wings
Beating with love
and unknown to me,
A coal heart of dancing butterflies;
that bleeds innocence,
Fluttering to ashes at my feet

Hand in hand we dance together
just innocent children at play...

The tall splintered poles begin to dim
angry voices overheard in the dark
As I stopped to see what is ahead
only darkness prevails
In her two-face heart
as innocent playtime
Has come to an end

Screams are left unheard
hands and feet are tied
The rusted coil of snakes
with venom, turns my hands to black
The cold steel against my ankles
slithering to my mind,
I can hear the rustling of the chain
as my chin bleeds with the sidewalk
They dragged me into the dark,
scraping along with torturing pain

My Angel kept on dancing
in circles, singing to the sky
Oh if there is a God
"Please come and save me now"
But she just sings and leaves me behind

He and his Angels didn't come
no white lights received me
All this time thinking I've been good
but now I know I've been wrong
That this is not just a nightmare
but Her Perdition
And the only place
where I belong

Thrown into the House of Flies
mailbox of 928
Across the lawn and to the door
I yelled for her name
But she stands and giggles at me,
"I'm just a child,
there's no ending to your fate"

They dragged me upstairs
and hung me to the ceiling
With a rebar of barbed wire
one by one, they hit me
Like a helpless pinata
I bled rubies as candy
For all children to have,
twirling with agonizing pain

She enters the room,
slowly walking past
The laughing porcelain dolls
I stared into her eyes
As she finally cuts me down

I fell through the floor
and into the depths of despair,
Drowning in riverwalk stones
Enduring Love has so much to bear

There I drowned in dying love
hands held high into the sky
Reaching for the Angel to save me
but the love wasn't found
From the Angel of Silver and Lies,
finally waking up to the sound
Of her beating wings...

And the laughing dolls
Behind her beautiful eyes


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    What I love about your poetry style is the wonderful metaphors you use that are so vivid and exiting. Your poetry tells a story in a dramatic and colourful way that challenges thought. Love it Milly x

  • 7 years ago

    by XXMindCrazeXX

    This is very good! was this based on a dream?

  • 7 years ago

    by Kiko

    You have a real talent for coming up with descriptive metaphors. However, this story wasn't riveting enough to hold my interest the whole way through. I think you should focus more on expressing your own feelings, rather than penning long fictional stories.

    BTW, the shorter, second part of the story worked a lot better for me than the longer first half. It seemed to have a more consistent flow and wasn't as scattered as the first part.

  • 7 years ago

    by Jenni

    I like the detailed description you gave and I think that this poem is really deep. You might want to think about moving it into the dark section though because I think it would fit better there. It was a pleasant read.

  • 7 years ago

    by Liliana

    WOW OMG this is beautiful, the choice of words, the sentences, the feelings, the description I love everyting about it, for sure 5/5

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