To a Fairy Queen..on Halloooweeen!!!

by A lonely soul   Oct 31, 2011

Oh! Did I forget it is indeed Halloooweeen!

A time for the Fairy Queen
to rise and spread her magical wings
waive her enchanted wand
and for all ghouls and ghosts to quiver

O' ghastly beasts run & hide behind your shadows
beware of the magic of her silver wand
For the Fairy Queen will conjure up a spell
and put you away for ever with her magic dust

Oh loveliest of all fairies, sweeter than my pumpkin
can you please do some magic
swing your enchanted wand
send me a love charm
to shoo away my inner wolves and vampires

Should I look for a sign, or an enchantment
a magic spell that you weave with that silvery wand
or would you prefer to leave me entangled
in my agonizingly scary dream, all alone?

On this Halloween night, Oh magical Fairy
would you protect me from my demons
or would you rather feed me to the
werewolves waiting to feast on my hide

The Devil would I know
until the bewitching hour
until then I have to
believe in the magic
of the Fairy Queen

Annotation: Dedicated to someone special (not a PnQ member), and to all my PnQ magical fairy friends, who bless me with their friendship and love, in every little way.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    Funny it reminds of a person I used to know... thanks for the laugh

  • 7 years ago

    by luminous wonder

    Wow I really enjoyed reading this poem! I love the use of the fantasy characters such as the fairy queen, witches and ghosts :)
    I like the metaphors you have selected it really is a credit to this piece making it very effective and enjoyable to read!
    Happy Halloween my Friend :) Hope you had a good time!
    5/5 from me

  • 7 years ago

    by Jenni

    I really enjoyed reading this poem because your words obviously show that this is written from the heart. I loved your detailed descriptions and I think you did a good job writing this. There isn't really anything I would fault and it actually made me smile, which is always good. You did a great job once again. :)

  • 7 years ago

    by PinkyPrincess

    Awww I loved this! It was a very cute concept and idea - I loved how you were addressing this fairy queen, and asking her to protect you from the scary Halloween stuff! Great job! :)

  • 7 years ago

    by L

    Happy Halloween!

    Hope, hope. Found in your poems. Even on this one. ^_^

    ^The Devil would I know
    until the bewitching hour
    until then I have to
    believe in the magic
    of the Fairy Queen