Daddy's Little Girl

by Brittany Ottmo   Nov 2, 2011


Sitting on his lap
Was a little girl with a bow
Grinning from ear to ear
While her daddy's eyes glowed.

Sitting in a frame
That hung so peacefully on the wall
Was that picture from 12 years ago
Taken towards the end of fall.

Things back then seemed so perfect
You wouldn't think it could possibly change
But one bad accident can happen
And will just ruin everything.

The timing was the worst
When you're just seven years old
You expected to have your daddy forever
But then your life just unfolds.

Daddy's little girl
That's how it was supposed to be
Even when I turned thirty
He was supposed to be there for me.

But God has different plans
I wish he would share
Maybe he knew it would make me stronger
If I knew when I grew old he would still be there.

So for tonight I will remember
The picture that's on the wall
And always know I will be daddy's little girl
Up to the day the Lord finally calls.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Paul Gondwe

    U hav a way wit words..i could feel the pain u feel..losing someone close to u is never easy esp a father..