My Last Chance* Part 2

by Danielle   Jun 24, 2004


Jim and I ran in the house to find two girls running down stairs. They were two of my best friend, but we lost touch. They were crying and more scared than I’d ever saw anybody before. Something was wrong. Tiff was nowhere in sight, and no one was dancing anymore. There was a crowd on the stairs leading up. Running through them all I saw the image that stayed with me to this day. My sister, my 16-year-old beautiful sister, lying in a pool of blood. Never in my life did I hurt so badly. I remember sitting on that bed with her in my arms crying, rocking her like I did as a child. After that, I gave up on life. Tried killing myself many times. You probably don’t’ understand why and I don’t blame you. The feeling of an innocent young girl’s lifeless body in your arms is something I hope you haven’t experienced and as I write this, I pray you never do.

I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 12:57. I had six minutes to get in the house unnoticed and save my sister. I looked over and saw a ladder on the side of the porch. My heart was racing faster than it ever has in my whole life. This was my only chance to save her! I ran to the ladder and made my way up to the roof. I wasn’t sure what room she was in, but I didn’t really care. Five minutes left. I looked through a few windows and finally found her and the guys. She was on the bed barely conscious. All the guys were talking in a corner. One of them had a knife in his hand. I wanted so badly to break through the glass and get her out and on my way to kill all of them but I knew I couldn’t. I knew what was going to happen and this time I wasn’t going to let it. Three minutes left. I went down the ladder as fast as I could and ran to the back. I know I shouldn’t have done what I did but there really wasn’t any other way. I saw Jim and my self on the porch laughing and having a great time. Again I couldn’t help but hate myself even more.
“Stacy!” I yelled. My young face looked up startled. “Get up and go in the house. Up stairs you will find your sister. She is in major trouble. GO NOW!”

I said that all so fast I wasn’t sure if I going to understand. I didn’t take time to look. I looked down at my watch and saw a minute and thirty seconds left. I ran back around to the front of the house and back on the ladder. Rushing to the window, I saw myself holding my sister tightly and crying. I looked at my watch. It was 1:03 am. My sister would’ve died 35 years ago and now I know it never happened. Tiff’s clothes were torn off but she was fine. No blood, no screaming, and no death. A great happiness over whelmed my body. My heart seemed to come alive again. I felt love and warmth for the first time in so long. I felt complete. I looked in the glass and saw that I was starting at my self through the window. I seemed to be thanking me. A tear ran down my delicate young cheek as a smile spread across my face. I turned away. My life would now be different.

“I saved her.” I whispered as I made my way back to the time machine.


I love you guys so much if you read this!


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