Dear me, Please let go.

by Megan   Jan 29, 2012

I dont know why but i cant seem to get over what happend with him and her.
i cant seem to find the calm world i once knew, im complelty lost in this dark world they call a heart, they call love.
its so disoreitng to feel like theres nothing there expect what use to be the thing that kept you together the one person that kept it together has now ruined part of it.
ill never be the same. why cant i just accept the fact i was hurt, and move on?
well of course love is never that simple.
he still has me around his lil finger.
not saying hes the bad guy but what he did is inexcusable.
i still love him and want to forgive him. but how do i forgive the one that broken me down so much that at one point even when i loooked in the mirror i still couldnt recognzie the small dark hair browned eye girl.
oh, o f coures all the feature were still present but the person wasnt there.
she has the darkest eyes the longest hair and the soft pink lips with the littlest of freckles sprinkled across her pale skin.
shes beutiul in her own way. so why did he need somone else?
thats something that will never be answerd.


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  • 6 years ago

    by Megan

    Well thank you :) ill read some of your stuff. :)

  • 6 years ago

    by Jaida

    I love this... you write similar to me:)