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well im me and thats as plain as it gets. im in love with my boyfreind and hes leaving to be a marine next year. but im willing to go through all this all for him. i cant help it. i could never leave his side. he makes me happy and makes life worth living. if anyone is on the same page with me id love to talk because its gonna be hard going through that alone when he leaves to be a marine. thanks :)... wow things change. im not gonna change what i put on my profile but me and my boyfriend broke up. he was cheating on me and it was just our 11 months togtether.. wow love sucks... hah and here i change it again. me and him are back together and i love him i really do thats the only reason i gave him another chance. you cant give up on someone you can go a day without thinking about.

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  • Why would you use such a strong word as never?
    You say never will I love you again...

  • Let me be the person that carries your heartache.
    Let me keep you from falling apart...

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    Sadley this is not a dialoge,
    its always a monologue it seems no one ever hears...

  • So alone, I drown in my own regrets and sorrow.
    Maybe if I would have never asked you what pain...

  • And with every heartbeat i remember you,
    and the peace you brought with it...

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  • "Bitter soul, Why are you weeping tears that only fall for you"?

    A Song For The Broken

    8 years ago
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  • Any shred of hope within me, of having a chance, is long gone.

    8 years ago
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  • Im on the road of undecided heartbreak.

    8 years ago
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