Stranger Of Moon

by ADEL   Mar 12, 2012

" I am isolated in myself planet and an earth looped round the no sun,

came to life not to be sad , nor to be the exception and the happy,

but to contemplate more and grieve less"

I am the distant stranger of moon

the running feet on the no path

befriending the stars of lesser tune

singing the sun of executed breath

then my warmth self is a broken bone

gathering the shades of my coming death

I am the red man of blue blood

the addict of gazing at the no skies

hazing the storms of lesser blow

peering at horizons of spacious miles

then my sight self is myself foe

faking the vision of my eyes

I am the last son of graves

a defeat and solitude in the no hole

indulged in victories of lesser braves

infested and thrown in the doom's bowl

cased in my dead self that raves

ravenous spirits of my gone soul

I am the sham tear in the eye of rains

the despaired winter in the no season

blasting the meadows of lesser grains

proceeded with perjury and treason

then my wet self is a swaying train

and a slip in my map of drenched season

I am the lost echo of a word

clearly legible upon the no pages

uttering the lies of a noble lord

adopting the wisdom of lesser sages

then my pen self is a torn sword

lingered by the ignorant split of ages

( C ) Copyright 2012 ADEL ATTIYEH


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