by Flynel   Mar 15, 2012

Even if people would say we have a future
I would never say ''stay forever''
just because I wouldnt even want
to look to the future
if I can look to what I have now
maybe I can say
''I have everything now''
but the only thing that gives me everything
is just me..

Still you are the one that gives me
something that I could never give myself
an shield that makes me feel safe
a embrace that feels so warm
but I wouldnt even want to use the term
'' the one ''
cause I could never say if its true
but for now it feels like
you really are

And if someday something would tear us apart
I still wouldnt say ''stay forever''
cause in the end all that ever matters
is that we are happy
that we have a great time together
and we have build a great memory together
the only thing that's forever
is that I really love you with my whole heart
''dont ever forget that''


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  • 7 years ago

    by tiger girl

    I really the the concept of this poem, it realy gets me thinking. a beautiful piece of writing.