by silvershoes   Mar 22, 2012

Dangling, sagging
beneath your own weight,
ripe for the picking and wanting
to be plucked.

But you're out of reach, mere inches
from my outstretched fingertips,
glistening in sun rays,
you tempestuous thing.

You're begging to burst into
a fountain of juicy sin upon my chin,
and we both know it (do we not?)

I would snatch you from the leaves
and smell you before letting my teeth
sink into your skin,
taking my time until there's nothing left
but your core.

All the good parts will be tucked away safe,
you see,
inside my satiated belly.
Our secret encounter.


Would that I stood a
little bit taller.


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by Khalid

    Brilliant! Another powerfull piece of yours! I enjoyed the reading till my teeth got sunk in my skin. A poem strongly pointed to the heart. If I were the judge I'll keep you as the "all time top poet". That's why I chose you as one of my favorite author.

  • 6 years ago

    by silvershoes

    Lonely is 100% right. It's an allegory, not meant to be literal.

  • 6 years ago

    by A lonely soul

    Agree it is cutely worded. Not sure if it is for a love or just a fun, humorous poem from an apple lover. I am now convinced that it is the latter, for the love of an apple. ha! ha! Dare not interpret it here.

  • 6 years ago

    by Decayed

    Not at all. OMG Jane that was hilarious. The end was something I wouldn't have expected.

    At first, I thought you were going to talk about Adam and Eve, but then...

    wait, this is not really about an apple.
    lol, since this is in the 'love' section then it is probably about your lover. One Tip: You should never be taller than a man!

    I can say it is a cute right.

  • 6 years ago

    by Moonlit Candles

    I thought this was a great poem. Found it to express feelings of laughter yet you could see just how annoyed the girl was cause of her height. The imagery and all was very nicely done. Nice write. :)