Choose her before you lose her<l3

by Girl of Conviction   Apr 14, 2012

There was this girl,

who loved her boyfriend with all her heart,

little did she know, he didn't feel the same way.

She was the best girlfriend, she gave her all,

but it wasn't enough, the love was already starting to

fade away from his heart.

He ignored her texts, emails, and calls,

just to spend more time playing his video games,

and hang out with his friends.

As time went on, she started to notice the guy

she loved was not the same, and was fading away,

it broke her heart but she knew she couldn't stay.

She deserved better, someone who cared,

someone who would always be there for her.

As she says goodbye and starts to walk away,

it finally hits him, he'd do anything to make her stay.

But it's too late, too much time has passed,

a relationship like theirs would never last.

It's his fault, he didn't cherish what he had,

now he sits home alone, broken xbox, feeling sad.


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by CathyButterflyJC

    I LOVE IT, I can totally relate to this, I'm just waiting for him to realize he misses it aand cherish what he had , but I LOVE IT, the rythming is truly amazing and it a touching piece, great job, 100/100

  • 6 years ago

    by tainted melody

    This is a really good write...and so true, alot of guys miss there chance because they dont realize what they have til its gone.

  • 6 years ago

    by Xanthe

    This is really heart breaking.. A lot of guys (some girls too) enter into a relationship, yet don't commit themselves to it. It's not yet marriage, but any relationship needs commitment. This reminded me of people who want to run politically just for the sake of having a name (president for example) and they don't carry the responsibilities placed on their shoulders. Really well-written, Tammi :) Hope this didn't happen to you. You've combined your story-telling abilities and poetry skills and made this heart-felt piece. Great job 5/5