Prayer of a computer Freak

by Eddy   Jun 8, 2012

God, grant me the serenity..
To accept a post i cannot change,

courage to walk past the computer,

without turning it on when
i'm running late for work

and the wisdom to know the
difference between
"come to bed now"
meaning "let's have some fun"
come to bed NOW!!' Meaning that computer has got to go

guide me from spam
teach me to use computer without a webcam..

Oh lord send your angels as an anti virus..
Michael as norton,
Gabriel as Mccafe,
and Rafael as Kaspersky

do not let my wife figure out i spent my days in the office chatting

and lord protect my account on PnQ
No suspension and i'll worship you

O lord let me access my older yahoo messenger

that i may flirt with sexy hot blondes, and brunettes back..

Do not lead me into temptation
Lord all these i ask of you


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