The Diary Of Tears ( Nine )

by ADEL   Oct 6, 2012

I have no idea, why I am laughing

Around me everyone is laughing

From you? From me?

They are just laughing

And I too I am laughing with them

Though in my blood boils a dry bitterness

And in theirs rises a steam of disgust

From me? From you?

I have no idea.

I have got no clue

Why there is a god

For me? For you?

There exists a god

And there are those who prostrate

Before his majesty

And I too, I admit

I am among those prostrators

I utter their prayer and breathe their belief

Though in my heart dwells a mad atheist

And in theirs resides loss devastated

For me? For you?

I have got no clue.

I neither know nor realise

Why I do exist

For you? For me?

I just exist

Weeping for faults which I never committed

Reminding those whom I never knew

And reserving dreams which I will achieve

Neither for you, nor for me.

I will never know

Why I am writing

For you? For me?

I am just writing

Drawing over sheets that is

Which I cannot illustrate

Pencilling over blanks that is

Which my tongue cannot declare

And penning between lines that is

Which I would never confess

Not for you, nor for me.

To Be Discontinued

( C ) Copyright 2012 ADEL ATTIEH


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