by DAYLON   Nov 7, 2012

I remember a time where someone could speak from the heart,
while the police would walk on never oppressing free speech.
I remember a time where there was no CCTV cameras across the UK,
Now we have too many and now we all on Police State Television.
I remember Police Constables walking the beat and you could have a natter,
Now it's, Police Officers policing the public and protecting criminal corporations.
I remember being told we have freedom to become whatever we want to be,
Now years gone by, I now know the state wants you to be a slave state.

Tears fill this heart of mine, as I watch the world burn because ignorance.
Ignorance of not realizing we the people at fault on a mass level.
It's okay to admit we was asleep to what been going on for centuries,
The self appointing tyrant rulers enslaved us all no matter the colour.
We all got played to murder one another through wars they master planned,
Still master planning while we the people still divided, while slowly uniting.
System gives us a bullet point plan of life for us all to follow not to question,
If you question and see beyond the veil, then oppression comes your way.

I notice that people talk about being free from this tyranny,
Yet, time is slipping away with thousands to millions in protests cry out.
I hear the cries and doing what one can to get others to awake,
While the sheeple zombies just look at you with a grin to eat my brains.
It breaks my heart to see people having a go at the vulnerable,
While the taxes are funding the genocide of innocent children and people.
It would be nice just to think that there is no ruling elite of death,
Trouble is, it is my and everyone duty to kick they ass.

I could quote articles, documents, books and other media,
Yes I could from PNAC report to Child stealing states and the fluoride.
I can see in your eyes you don't believe a word I say,
Despite millions of us researching that mass public called "Conspiracy Theorists",
Remember we have experts to on our side that wants the truth.
I live with this to all those that prefer to your head in the sand,
Tyrannical world government loves you, as you easier to kill.

Now I go to get ready for the great researchers, activists, alternative media,
And all those that are standing up in all areas for FREEDOM!
We are not nuts, crazy, pathetic and so forth.
We are lions roaring out across lands that being oppressed with one mighty roar,
We are here, we are awesome, we are the universe and universe is us.
We are now realizing we can be masters of our destinies without this enslavement.
When we are all done, we will leave a true freedom for our children to live in,
So they can run free so fast that they will fly.


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