Rembrance Day Poems The Depths of War That Leads Us

by CathyButterflyJC   Nov 8, 2012

Remembrance Day

(5 lined verses

These poor souls
Who have sacrificed their lives
For the ones they love
Leaving their protection underground
Not knowing what's led for above

Waves to the soldiers,
As they pass us by,
Hands to our hearts,
A dangerous journey they take,
From the start!

A battle rages on
So many are gone
Never returning home
Their spirits to forever comb
The earth as lost souls

So many innocent people die
And their families ask themselves why
So many soldiers yearn for their home
And in the war field they hazardously roam
Imagining a safe place

And guns cut through the ranks of men
Their land they will forever defend
Leaving behind their homes
To among death roam
And dream of the ones back home

Some are never found
Never again to make a stinking sound
And buried underground
In a tomb of bullets
And left behind hopes

Remembrance Day represents our freedom,
And how hard they work for it,
Fighting for the lives,
Of who strive for peace,
In this mission so many parish!

The Guns fire
The Clang
The Bang
The Boom
The Goodbye


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