A Flower Cultivated Across the Seas (Rengay Collab)

by PinkyPrincess & Khalid   Nov 27, 2012

Homer's telling her
What's between the south and north
Love? What a cocktail!

They chat when the moon is lit
and laugh until waking dawn

She cried when they left,
bearing a letter for him
"She won't forget him"

Minutes, hours pass
as their new memories grow.
The flowers blossom!

Their hearts met before bodies
Promises won't be broken

Life sent a message
to the new friends from afar.
Distance means nothing.


* Rengay: A North American variation on the Japanese linked verse form. It's a 6-link collaborative poem by 2 poets, each writing two haiku and a total of three verses. This is the form, with the 2 poets labeled A and B:

A's Haiku.
B's Haiku-like verse.
A's 2nd Haiku.
B's Haiku.
A's Haiku-like verse.
B's 2nd Haiku.
where A = 1st poet; B = 2nd poet.

If the "traditional" syllable count is used for the haiku, and if the haiku-like verses are written as 7-syllable lines (as are the "traditional" alternate verses of a renku), then the form is:

5-7-5 syllables - A's Haiku.
7-7 syllables - B's Haiku-like verse.
5-7-5 syllables - A's 2nd Haiku.
5-7-5 syllables - B's Haiku.
7-7 syllables - A's Haiku-like verse.
5-7-5 syllables - B's 2nd Haiku.


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Chelsey

    First of all, NEVER heard of this style and I absolutely adore it and cant wait to try it so thanks for sharing!

    Secondly, you two did EXCELLENT with this...love the friendship topic and how its correlated with nature!

    Beautifully written!

  • 5 years ago

    by Khalid

    Nice to work with you Sara! It was of full fun and pleasure.

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