I am nothing to be ashamed of.

by Valiantpenguin   Mar 3, 2013

I am nothing to be ashamed of.
I did not choose the method of my conception
Nor the method of my birth.
I did not choose the people that created me
Nor when I would be created.
I did not choose for my parents to not want to marry
I just happened. And that is okay.

I am a proud woman of twenty one years old
I am married to a wonderful man
Going to college to live my dream
I have never been to jail
I do not hurt people
I live an honorable and wonderfully happy life.

So why will you only talk about my brother?
The boy you had with a women you did not know well enough to love?
Does being married to his mother make him better than I?
More precious than I?
Smarter? More lovable?
What is the huge difference between that boy and me?

Nothing. We are both your children
We both deserve love
And if you cannot give it to us both
Why bother to be around me?

I deserve love
I deserve pride
I deserve a father that loves me
I do not deserve to be only mentioned when people meet me
I do not deserve to be hidden in the shadows
This is not the eighteen hundreds
Where people will hide the children they don't want.

You had a choice to be in or out of my life and you chose in


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