A Time to Rewind

by Brittany Ottmo   Feb 20, 2014


Would someone please tell me
What it is I do wrong
I think I am doing well
Then I end up where I don't belong.

Hanging with the wrong people
Screwing up in the wrong place
Skipping my priorities
Becoming such a disgrace.

The lies and the secrets
The disappointments and the hurt
Bringing me down each day
Shoving my face in the dirt.

Now as I sit here
Holding my life in my hands
I debate on whether or not to live
When everyone I know misunderstands.

I tell myself there is no reason
To live this life from here on out
I have ruined every situation
I know without a doubt.

Falling behind everyday
No more hope for tomorrow
Just bury me deep in the ground
And please, nobody start to sorrow.

I am not good enough
To be thought of as a hero
Just a girl that was always hidden
A girl that was well under a zero.

They say that good things come
To those who patiently wait
But what is the point in this
When time will soon say its too late.

"You waited far too long"
Is what Time had said,
"You missed out on every new chance
You let it slip over your head."

When I thought I was dreaming
My eyes whispered "yeah right"
For when they opened
I was blinded by the calling light.

"Walk toward the glowing light
And see what is in store
I guarantee you one thing
You cant look back anymore."

Unsure if I should listen
Or turn and run away
I stood there floating
I was moving toward another day.

This light that was in front of me
Knew how to drag me in
I was trapped in this light
There was no turning back again.

"Come my dear child
Just grab my hand
I want to show you a life
So you can better understand."

I have never heard His voice before
But something told me to grab on
So I reached out as far as I could
But still nothing there I could grab on.

I reached out further
Hoping someone was there
But as soon as I reached
I started falling through thin air.

The ground had disappeared
I no longer had my knife
I was falling out of control
I thought this was the end of my life.

When I seen a glimmer
Of something at my side
Because what I just seen
Made my eyes open up wide.

The fire made an impression
And the yellow in His eyes
You could see the sharp horns
That's it
This is goodbye.

There is no mistaking
The devil's furious face
"Hush now my dear
You're the beginning of a new race."

He spoke those words
In a voice so terrifying
I kept thinking this is a nightmare
How am I still flying.

I looked down below
And seen a red vicious glow
The flames were getting hotter
The closer we got below.

My mouth was wide open
Screaming in such despair
I closed my eyes and prayed
That I do not belong down there.

Suddenly I felt relief
My body was no longer on fire
I slowly opened my eyes
And was back were I desired.

It was like I never moved
The blade was still sitting on my wrist
When I realized what I was doing
I threw the blade far away from my wrist.

My heart started racing
As I grabbed my head
What was going on,
I thought I was going to be dead.

When I was able to catch my breath
I seen a note beside my bed
I reached down and grabbed it
And this is what it said:

"You are so much stronger
Than you want to believe
Pick up your head
There is no reason to grieve.

"Tonight you made a choice
That almost took you away
But I rewound time
Because I have something to say.

"It was going to be a surprise
But you should have been told
You are just so fragile
And make yourself feel cold.

"You need to survive
For you have a life to hold
Soon you will be carrying
A little angel of gold.

"He will be your first son
And will look up to you
You need to guide him
And hold his hand too.

"You yet do not know when
Or how it will be
But you will be a great mother
Just be patient and you will see."

Tears filled my eyes
As I felt a pain in my heart
Never did I think of that
A wonderful son, it warms my heart.

I then stood up
And walked over to the mirror
"I am strong and brave
My new life starts here!"


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by La Reina De Corazones

    I wanted to cry to be honest. This hit close to home, except I was never pregnant and I never heard God's voice, but he did save my life when I was about die in my own way. I admit this is beautiful, I would go back to check the grammar, some parts didn't quite fit, the spelling was fine, but some parts just were no lol please don't take offence.


  • 3 years ago

    by Wicked Ways

    Woahhh I love every part of this I could honestly tell that you really laid it all out for this poem and really shows , the depth of sorrow in this poem speaks for itself I really feel the vulnerability in this so much it makes me a little vulnerable but I guess that's what happens when u read a poem u relate so well too. love the strength I read in the end great way to end this poem :)

  • 4 years ago

    by Midnight Sky

    Lot of emotion in sadness in here great job