Deadly love

by Smilie   Mar 19, 2014

Can i tell you a secret
promise me you wont repeat it
lets go to somewhere discreet
I'd tell you how i did it
yea how i killed Pete
i warn not to let my trust in you deplete
else there would be a repeat
lets have a seat while i describe my feat
you ready, Keat?
it was neat
i drove a knife through his meat
right where his heart did beat
his blood was as red as beet
i did it cuz i loved Pete
but he failed to see
how crazy my love can be
cuz he was with that girl, Dee
couldn't understand why he couldn't be with me
so i killed him, Keat

but hey sweet
Pete is not dead
its all in your head

no sweetie, you see we are in hell
when i killed Pete, i killed myself as well


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