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by Beauty In The Breaking   Apr 12, 2014

Hanging up the phone tonight
after talking to you across the miles,
hearing your voice down the line
crossing countries borders
and setting in my heart.

Wipe a silent tear away
as I prepare myself for bed,
I wish that your "good night mi amor"
was whispered from the pillow next to mine
instead of a thousand miles away.

Long distance love affair,
it makes such little sense
and yet my heart won't listen,
I'd give anything to hold you tonight...
but I'm sleeping alone tonight.

Sometimes I ask myself the question
how many miles will it take till we break,
how many months of separation
until my heart shatters completely
and there's nothing left of me?

The loneliness gets more bitter
but your laughter lifts my soul,
I sometimes wish I didn't need you
so my heart wouldn't ache so much
but you're the better part of me.


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