by Mark Rawlins   Jun 14, 2014

When we squashed up together in your favourite armchair
and your fingers gently ran through my loud spikey hair
We were surrounded by empty wine bottles and half eaten curry
and the clock ticked impatiently, telling us to hurry
When you said you loved me with all of your heart
and that our kind of love would never tear us apart
The excitement we felt when we heard each other's names,
the larks in the park, the fumbles in the dark,
the fantasies and games
When we kissed in the doorway of Kentucky Fried Chicken
and we still didn't hear that clock tick ticking, tick tick ticking

Then the years went by, remember?
and the clock ticked by, remember?
and along came the kids, and a lack of wealth,
and mortgages and debt and sickness and bad health,
and we argued and worried and found the end of your tether
But like we always said we would we faced it all together

So now we sit apart in our own favourite chair
trying to remember,
and there's no running fingers and no spikey hair,
but we're trying to remember,
with the bottles of wine and the Friday night curry,
but the clock can't turn back now, so we're in no hurry...
to remember.


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    WOW, yay, this is very lovely! So glad to have come across this. It's very upbeat but heart-breaking.