The crossroads

by Beauty In The Breaking   Aug 2, 2014

A dark deserted crossroads,
eerily silent and bare,
wind whispering a mourning cry
as it races through the trees,
whipping my hair around.

Standing on a precipice,
which way should I turn?
Left or right or carry on
along this path I choose years ago?

All three roads look dark and dank,
uncertainty a common denominator,
no path is very clear,
just a feeling of dissatisfaction
and a burning need for change.

Finally someplace I'm happy to be,
doing something I'm passionate about,
wanting to make a running start here
but knowing I can't hold on
if I continue on my path.

Do I turn left...
and brave it alone,
break out of the role I've created
I turn the page completely,
terrifying as that may be?

Do I turn right...
and risk the change
knowing it could all be for naught
and the thread could quickly unravel
or maybe it would change for good?

Or do I go forward...
and continue my course
as terrifying as it has quickly become
as I wonder if it's truly my path,
but holding onto the glimmer of hope?

These crossroads are driving me mad,
horrible in it's painfulness,
nerve wracking in it's confusion,
overwhelming in it's emotions
with no rays of light to see.

Keep walking forward,
step by slow step,
as I hope for a little clarity,
do I follow my heart and fading hope
or I follow logic and reason?


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