Is It Too Late To Call You My Hero

by JesusFreakAuthor   Aug 12, 2014

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Dedicated to Robin Williams who touched so many people and who will never be forgotten and I hope we will always look onto his great work with both tears and a smile!!!^AWL^zzz000^YY^CA&gct=sb&itbv=^AWL&apn_dtid=^zzz000^YY^CA&apn_dbr=ff_30.0&doi=2014-07-29&trgb=FF&psv=&q=robin+williams

Robin Williams: July 21st, 1951-August 11th, 2014 (63 years old)

I remember watching you for the first time when I was little on Hook
Peter Pan was always my favorite of all tales
And I fell instantly in love with your work

When I was in seventh grade
Severely suffering from the depression that overtook me
I watched a movie you starred in that changed my life
All over again
Dead Poets Society

In eleventh grade I watched Awakenings
It was sad but you played a great part
And I always loved everything you where in
The way you displayed your character
The way you made each soul memorable

I didn't even know you struggled with depression
How much we had in common
That I never knew before your death

To know you took your own life
Tears me up inside
While I'm trying to fight so I can inspire others
And make a difference in this world
And to stay with the ones I love

You leave behind the ones you love
The difference you made to me and others
And the change you made to this world

Some days I want to give up
Some days I feel hopeless and worthless
Sometimes I'm surprised I'm still here
But I know God put me here for a reason
As of you

My heart is broken

And I cry without control

Pain shoots through me for the love and loss of you

But in reality I don't need to forgive you
Because I'm not mad at you
I understand

I can't remember how many nights
I thought of nothing else
But the life I'd gladly leave behind!

Maybe I don't get why you did it
But I know there must have been a reason
You must have known why

Maybe I don't get why you did it
With the fame and recognization you had in this world
But I know how sadness can overtake everything
Even the good things you do
Especially if you're nowhere's near your mark

You touched my life in a way
No other performer has
From the time I was little

You were the first actor I knew by name
By your real name

You made me laugh
When I wanted to cry
You gave me a hope
That maybe I can do things right
You gave me flashbacks
Or elementary school years
And you will always live on in my memories

Acting is an art like writing
A way of expression
An emotional bond with the world
And your work
And you succeeded
But it still got the best of you
Even when you were famous in so many eyes
I can only dream of being where you were
Changing lives with my words
My life
As you have

The hardest part is knowing you won't be acting anymore
You won't be making us laugh
Or lighting up our days
You won't be inspiring us
And changing our kids lives

And I wished you would have kept fighting

But I hope you rest in peace
I hope you really had to do what you did
I hope that this doesn't lead others to do the same
And I know your memory will live on with those you touched

Escaped from your misery
No longer in pain

And forever in our hearts

You were loved


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Reaper

    First movie I saw of his was mrs doubt fire and patch Adams .hurt me badly when I found out he passed away.he touched my childhood and my life he is one of the reasons I love comedy so much!!!.miss you Robin and Thank You!

  • 4 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    Great tribute

  • 4 years ago

    by LittleMsPink

    This is long but i love evry single part of it
    It seems like he was not only an actor or someone you watch on tv but rather someone who has been a very great part of your life... someone that brightens your day whenever its grey, somone who makes you smile whenever your sad, someone who gives you hope whenever your loosing it... you jotted down your feelings well...

  • 4 years ago

    by rachael

    Thank you for this. Quite a tribute to a brilliant performer whose work will live on and - hopefully - continue to move and inspire future generations. His struggle with depression is one suffered by so many others (myself included) and for them, for us, his death isn't just tragic and generically heartbreaking; its personally, horrifyingly personally devastating --- I am acutely aware of how easily it might have been me, how closely, and often, I flirted with death. I feel such incredible guilt over what might have been and shame for knowing what almost was, compassion for him and what I imagine he suffered, sorrow for his family and for everyone whose life was touched by his phenomenonal talent, but most of all I feel grateful to still have the life I nearly gave up before making my own contribution to the world.

    I can only hope I may one day manage to make the world a better place by even just a tiny fraction of the sum total positive impact he had throughout his too-short life and phenomenonal career.

  • 4 years ago


    I have shared this before that I personally experienced deep depression and it's worse than actual physical pain. My prayers are for Robin's family and friends. My darkness and pain ended when the Lord Jesus came into my life, today my depression and sufferings are gone, I don't know what Robin believed in as far as God is concerned but I do know that God is close to the downtrodden and suffering. Death is not kind especially the death of a loved one. I am glad Jesus rose from the dead to give me and others the blesseded hope of living again! Ken