The Strongest Person of all Time

by Brittany Ottmo   Dec 19, 2014


Dear mother I want to thank you
For everything you have done
Not only in the past and present
But also the years to come.

I want to thank you mom
For giving me the love I need
Without you in my life
I would have lost myself at sea.

If I have not said it before
I want to tell you here
That you are my best friend
The greatest mother I hold dear.

You have given me the strength
To carry on with my life
You pushed me thru the darkness
And made way for a better life.

I remember long ago
That day my dad had died
And you were so upset
I could hardly stand to see you cry.

But even though you hurt
You made my pain disappear
Just by being my mother
And holding me so near.

I remember the day had come
To say a final goodbye
Today he was getting buried
And tears stung our eyes.

At only 7 years old
I knew not what to do
So I bowed my head
And I prayed for you.

I knew this hurt you
More than it hurt me
You have known him longer
I could hear your silent plea.

Although we made it thru
And came to a new town
I couldn't help but notice
The smiles that hid your frown.

I don't blame you anymore
For the nights I was alone
Or the years I was sent away
I should have known.

In the past I was angry
That you were not always there
But I do understand now
It's not like you didn't care.

You are the most amazing person
A daughter could ever ask for
You give it your all
And you open up every door.

In these years where I am older
I see everything more clearly now
I'm not perfect by no means
I don't think I'll ever know how.

But on this day dear mother
I want to thank you for being mine
The strongest mother I've known
And bravest person of all time.

Thank you so much
For everything you have done
Not only here in the present
But also all the years to come!


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by La Reina De Corazones

    This is really adorable, you describe what you and your mother have gone through, a great tribute and we should all make a poem about our mothers since they are the ones (majority should) that are there when you fall, they love you, and comfort you when you've fallen to the ground for one reason or another! Really beautiful 5/5


  • 4 years ago

    by BlueJay

    This is a wonderfully dedicated piece to a mother or mother figure and it is very nicely penned. Great job