Fool's Quest

by Mark Spencer   Jan 23, 2015

Fool's Quest
By Mark Spencer

We all wish to be accepted
For what we say and do.
But if we overstep our bounds
We should receive our due.

For if we must invade the space,
Of someone's comfort zone,
Should they respect the space of those
Who don't respect their own?

But that's what some people expect,
That none critique their deeds.
They tell us their behavior is
What modern culture needs.

They judge the souls their deeds offend,
And tell them they're uptight.
They speak and act without concern,
And meet complaints with spite.

And all the while they still demand
No judgment from their peers.
Those peers are living in the past,
We're on to new frontiers!

Their adversaries need to keep
Opinions to themselves.
Throw their bibles on the bonfire,
And hide their faith on shelves!

As judgment after judgment rains
Upon opposing views,
They act as though they are the ones
Who wear the victim's shoes.

Our comedy should be raunchy,
Our music should as well.
We should vilify God's angels,
As if they came from hell.

We'll make heroes out of monsters,
They'll sparkle in the sun!
With vampire and zombie heroes,
Our movies will be fun!

And don't you ever dare complain!
Your judgment has no weight!
We've already convicted you,
And decided your fate!

We have erased you from our sight,
We will ignore your rules.
Your icons are removed from view,
Your God, expelled from schools.

Yet if you questions their beliefs,
The hypocrites will howl!
Should you return what they dish out,
These children holler foul!

It is a game that will be played
To help win the debate!
When arguments can't overcome,
The crafty compensate.

Instead of building up their case,
They'll try to silence yours.
They keep opponents off the stage,
By closing all the doors.

For that is how to win debates,
When neither side is right.
And when the truth cannot be proved,
It turns into a fight.

But upper hands don't last for long,
Each side will have it's day.
In defeat the strong get stronger,
Success drains strength away.

So silence me as you see fit,
Yours is a quest for fools.
You'll understand when your beliefs,
Are not allowed in schools.


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