by Mark Spencer   Jan 27, 2015

By Mark Spencer

Our preferences always align,
With what our minds believe.
Our ideologies alone,
Are what our minds perceive.

And we accept no other truth
Than what our minds prefer.
Our reasoning is built upon
What preferences infer.

Some prefer that no God exist,
This is the road they choose.
They close the door with righteous zeal
On all religious views.

Except, perhaps, the ones that have
No God to judge their sins.
When quests for knowledge make men gods
Then everybody wins.

When actions have no consequence
Their preferences are met.
No one need beg forgiveness for
The sins that time forgets.

While some who choose religious paths,
Prefer to be God's sword!
There is no line that they won't cross,
In the name of the Lord.

They see what they prefer to see,
Ignoring what conflicts!
They'll even close their eyes to God
When righteousness restricts.

It all comes down to preferences,
The driver of the train,
A single minded point of view,
That's misguided and vain.

We believe as we prefer to,
Investing all we are
In what we'd like to be the truth,
We follow just one star.

But there are many stars above,
And countless points of view.
Man's preferences are infinite,
Yet none of them are true.

That's why they're only preferences,
The two are not the same.
The truth exceeds the masterpiece
That dwells within the frame.

And that's where preferences resides,
Upon that canvas face,
One can't appreciate the art
While trapped in its embrace.

And yet, most will reject the things
That cause their lines to blur.
Our paradigms are not the truth,
They're just what we prefer.


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