by Mark Spencer   Jan 30, 2015

By Mark Spencer

If God sent you a messenger,
Who bore unwanted news,
And told you to prostrate yourself,
What response would you choose?

Would you accept a message that
Laid waste to all your views;
That claimed, in your pursuit of truth,
You've overlooked the clues?

And if the messenger revealed,
That truth evades your sight,
Would you believe he's heaven sent,
Or from the darkest night?

Did any of God's messengers
From Noah to Saint Luke,
Share ego stroking messages,
Or was it God's rebuke?

For when a message challenges
The things we think we know,
Reproach will be the proud response,
With every stone we throw.

We vilify the messenger,
And cast him from our sight.
The Lord would never speak through him,
To tell us we aren't right!

Though our ways are not the Lord's ways,
And His thoughts aren't our thoughts,
We still believe we know the truth,
And can connect the dots.

But none will enter through the gate,
Knowing more than the least.
The truth cannot be found within
The scientist or priest.

For truth exists beyond the flesh,
The lens your eyes look through.
Knowledge is nothing more than faith,
In what you hope is true.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Rosa

    Gosh,you inspire me! Simply amazing.

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