by Scott Cole   Feb 7, 2015

Slowly, slowly
The sands of time,
Gather in the center
And begin their slide.

Slowly, slowly
Each slips further down,
One after another
Round and round.

Slowly, slowly
When time's just right,
They reach the hole
And fall out of sight.

Slowly, slowly
They all settle below,
And blend together
From the constant flow.

Slowly, slowly
The sand pile expands,
With the turning of
The minute hand.

Slowly, slowly
With time running down,
The last few grains
Fall to the ground.

Slowly, slowly
An hour did pass,
Says the dormant sands
Of the Hourglass.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Meena Krish

    I like the repetition of the words "slowly slowly"
    it gives that feeling of how desperate we are yet we can't
    stop time. Its like we have to get things done because time
    is slipping from our hand. Like the ticking of a clock...time
    does not wait for anyone and we can sit back and watch it
    go past us slowly or we can get up and make use of every minute!