Let the darkness flow

by Julie Raab   Aug 5, 2015

I am sitting here waiting in the depth of despair,
wondering how I will ever get from here to there.
I am in the darkest places in my heart and mind,
I keep looking but there is no light to find.
Feeling so much loss and sadness,
I am finally being driven to madness.
My darkest place where no light can exist,
maybe the darkness will flow out of my wrist.
No one can see how far I fell,
Locked so deep inside of my cell.
Wanting to break the lock and run free,
but my legs are not strong enough for me to flee.
I have no strength left to give,
and I am finding it so much harder to live.
I am Feeling so weak that I want to let go,
and let all of the darkness and pain flow.
I know there are so many people who really care,
and I just wish I could let them be there.
I feel unworthy of their love and affection,
but I am yearning for that connection.
I want to break my walls down and let them crumble,
but there is a voice in my head that will always mumble.
"You have lost so many you have cared for,
anyone else will leave you just as sore."
I cannot get out of my own head,
even though this is a feeling I dread.
I want to open my heart and let the light in,
and then finally I can say I win.
The overwhelming battle will come to an end,
when the pain and happiness finally blend.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    Another powerful piece that many people I feel can relate to. I hope the writing helps as it does me.

    My darkest place where no light can exist,
    maybe the darkness will flow out of my wrist.
    This was my fave lines as they are really powerful and gives an insight as to why people cut because they are trying to rid of the darkness. Never thought of it like that.


  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Powerful write with a nice flow. Well done.

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