by Jenni Marie   Aug 6, 2015

Tinkling glasses; bubbles popping
sweet aroma masking truth behind
... it's difficult to find the shore
when your boat is unsteady
and you fear capsizing
every moment

What happens when the waves
become too much, the storm
rages too powerfully and
your boat turns over?

{Did you learn to swim?
Maybe you can swim to land.}

Yet the tempest keeps on rising,
choppy waves close in, cutting
off your air supply.

I hope you didn't misplace
your life jacket, sweetheart.

{You're going to need it.}

*Recovery poem.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Hello Jenni

    I am sorry that this one has been missed up to now as it really is a very accomplished piece of writing. The use of the extended metaphor is very effective. I love the line "....and your fear capsizing every moment"

    Well done and all the very best,

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