Reality Stomp

by Robert Kope   Nov 17, 2015

Going to court alone Friday, nobody else but God and me, and He can sit there listening while others swear to lie of me, but that's OK and i'll still go and jump through hoops and cheery Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing hosanna to the King of Coal was a merry old soul and a merry old soul survivor of a tragedy of commons. Please, court: Juvenile Division of assets, "In the case of Robert Cope. You are no longer the..." Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. They caught the last train for the coast! Friday, the music dies a thousand deaths, so say goodbye to my Little Friend. Someday perhaps we'll sing again, for now just lay me down to sleep, my soul You keep, for this i Pray; to Live and fight another day old bread He broke beside the sea, but there was not one crumb for me, for in a blinking of an eye a single soldier falls to die. Four thousand, four hundred, and 91 - a father, brother, husband, son - martyred, slaughtered there in Iraq and Baby, they ain't coming back in glorious defense of democracy, their mission accomplished for eternity. And then? One hundred, thirty too - one sang, one danced, one at the zoo - Parisians killed by martyrs dead, with visions of virgins dancing in their heads. Mission accomplished once again. And so it ends where it begins You see, right here and now, i promise to Love Faithfully, You're all I need, here and now, i vow to be one with Thee (You and me), hey...
Your love is all i need.
‪Me, Martin Luther Van dross, Don McLean the Dancing Machine, Mother Goose, Father Time, etc. and so on, and so forth.


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