Diamond; Dedication to an Angel (Rictameter Mix)

by Maple Tree   Jan 30, 2016

can be found in
places unknown to us
until the day we realize
we are never alone, left to deal with
darkness and devils, there is light
when one soul reaches out
to another


She had a strength within her eyes
soft, elegant messages passed between
us both,
I soon became aware of our bond.

She found the beginning of her soul
the day she ran away,
I had never known such strength
until I met her.

I never knew my own courage
existed until I shared the truth of
my own darkness,
my heart melted the day she shared
her story.

In my visions I could see her on that bus
escaping chains that bound her for years.

These are my words, of a courageous woman
that very few know, but more will come to know-

She is a pillar of courage, determination and knowledge,
knowing she can and will defeat the demon that kept
her silent for far too long....


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  • 2 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I keep reading it over and over. I absolutely love it. "Diamonds can be found at places unknown to us until we realize we are not alone". This is beautiful. At our darkest moments, something or someone out of nowhere appears and show us there is light at the end. One is reaching out to the other and establish this amazing bond. We tell and share stories and find out how strong we actually are. A pillar is someone standing up for their rights. I could be wrong but this is what I gather from this excellent written. Add to my favorite. All the best.