Cimmerian Shade

by Maple Tree   Feb 14, 2016

The deepest of dark, within a midnight sky
is where you shall find me, restlessly
conversing with stars as if they know
revelations that I do not.

I'm naked at two am, revealing sides
of me that only mother moon understands,
she remains my guardian until my demonic
possession comes to it's final closing.

I've exhausted all possible hope of
seeing an early dawn sunrise,
eyes have become masked
with silvered poison, these
they drain what is left of me.

This side of me has been reborn
so that I may understand every
journey of my soul,
I dream of death
as constellations match
what I have known for years.

A smile is birthed to deceive
strangers and onlookers
who choose to love only
what they choose to see.

This darkness-

Is a comforting
where poems
are buried within coffins
scraping their way to the surface....


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  • 2 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I have only read a few of dark poems written by you but this truly caught my eye. I could be wrong but considering me being from Germany ( Europe) we learned a lot about Creek history. They are well known believing in goddesses with supernatural powers one in particular called the "Queen of darkness". They have studied the universe very well and strongly believe in all these different zodiac signs. I find it very fascinating. They also believe in a life thereafter. You did an amazing job here. Be blessed