You weren't ready for my confetti.

by Poet on the Piano   Mar 11, 2016

I don't mind that my soul is wild...

You're looking to settle down though,
and that's where twenty years of age
is too many to swallow down because I
could be your daughter and there's just
too many differences and awkward gaps.

Dancing my demons out on I-94 is
when I realize you wouldn't party like
me; music doesn't make you tremble
like it does for me, springing my heart
to jump at first sign of light.

I'm not about to be tamed....

There is someone out there who won't
need explanations for getting groovy
under the disco ball at 4 AM, who won't
need to plan a random trip to the mountains,
who's adventurous soul will only propel
me forward.

My heart will be someone else's spark...

You want a family now; you're not ready
to get down on the floor with strangers
and sleep during the day while we explore
bodies of music at night, drinking in the stars
and smoking joy until pain is no longer the
home we run to.

I sing, not for you anymore, but for me
and a destination that doesn't lead me to
someone like you.


So this poem is definitely what I needed to write in the process of getting over someone. It's almost been a year but I finally see myself moving on and just seeing him as a "friend", because truth is he will never be mine and that's how God meant for it to be. I'm meant for another. And sometimes, I have to say this to myself multiple times, but it's good to keep realizing it. This poem also stemmed from a conversation my mom and I had driving back from a concert (Fall Out Boy) the other night when I told my mom "I want someone who will dance crazily WITH me".


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  • 2 years ago

    by Karla

    Beautiful and powerful.