Pure Love

by Glenn Gay   Mar 24, 2016

I am laying here in bed and can't sleep. I'm thinking about you, I'm always thinking about you. I love you so much that it hurts. I wish I was holding you right now and we were talking about what we are going to do today. I wish I knew how it feels to be loved the way I love you.
Sometimes I think about holding you and kissing you. The way I feel about you makes me feel as though you and I could rule the world, me as your warrior and you as my queen and motivation.
If I could paint I would paint you a beautiful field, if I could build I would build you a beautiful home, if I could work I would work every day to make you happier than the day before.
Most women are just women but you are the sunshine in my life, the breath in my lungs, the beat of my heart, nourishment for the growth of my smile, my vacation from misery.
Your not just special you are the world in which I want to live in. I want to kiss you but wonder if my lips would ever let go. I want to hold you until you can feel what it is like to have your hurt, your fears, your loneliness, and your pain melt away. I love you!


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  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    You obviously really live whoever this is about. The emotion shows throughout. I like the structure because it's like you are just writing everything you feel about her.