Pallet In The Floor

by Glenn G   Mar 7, 2023

He came home from work, tired of the burdens of life's labor.
He reached across the bed to find comfort, but she was no longer there.
After so many years, his arms begged to hold, the one good thing his life once had.
Such a large bed for one man, perhaps a twin bed would be better, but where would he put his memories.
He decided to leave the tears that had soaked one side, the memories that filled the other.
And just made a pallet in the floor.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    I feel the pain of this piece. The knowledge that moving on is necessary , but the need to cling to those memories is beyond hard. The ending is a kicker - living a hard life, suffering as moving on is harder still.

    I hope you find your peace. Take care and thanks for sharing.

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