Someone I Once Knew

by Alex Penuelas   Mar 21, 2017

You can actually
tell and feel
when you're starting to
fade away from someone.

The conversations get shorter,
they get less meaningful,
less exciting.

You no longer ask about
Personal matters,
and instead simply ask them
questions that you would
ask an acquaintance
or a coworker that you're
not that close to.

The conversations transform
From late night conversations,
To a simple "hello" text
Every now and then,
To only receiving a text
When they need you for something.

The invites go from
Spending a full day out,
To having a cup of coffee
For a couple of minutes,
To... nothing at all.

You can feel the wall
that's slowly but surely
Building up between you two,
As the person you once knew
And adored is now becoming
Just somebody that you
used to know.

And then,
in the end,
you're back to being


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