by Scott Cole   Apr 25, 2017

Are just shadows of the eye,
Infused with hues of texture
So beauty is not denied.

It's the blueprint of pigments
Descendents of the rainbow,
It's the well being of all things
That have ever held a glow.

It's the skin tone of matter
And the separation of shade,
It's the difference of appearance
For everything that doesn't fade.

It's the division of darkness
Trapped within a crystal spectrum,
To gratify the ole mighty eye
So that it doesn't reject 'em.

It's the reflected image of light
That dominates that wavelength,
Giving off it's sheer elegance
In a glossy complexion of strength.

Are more than dyes and stains,
For they are the very life blood
That flows through our optic veins.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    An interesting piece with great visuals. Really enjoyed reading it