Tear Uncontinued

by ADEL   May 29, 2017

Tear Uncontinued

It was the day before I die
Before the funeral and the cry
You know the time I drank and ate
From every cup and every plate

You know the time I did my hair
Flown to winds and every air
And colored my brows to the rim
With smiles and honest grim

Remind the time I masked my face
And faked my tongue at every place
There in that realm we call life
That lives with us more than wife

There alone in the old tunnel
With every dust and broken bottle
Sat my loneliness and cried
A call to unknown and beauty wide

A call to every secret understood
For truth we know in childhood
The time we loved the day bright
And hated the bed each night

The time of breakfast and pie
And the thirst of morning dry
And the way I left my meals
To run rushing throw the wheels

And through the crowd I try
To spread my shadow and lie
Sleeping beneath the harmful noise
But closed is not, is not the eye

You know the time I shall not
Continue the story and the plot
Just behold and read my sigh
Before the day I tend to die

(C) Copyright Adel Attieh 2017


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  • 1 year ago

    by Jamie

    Wow. This is such a great and emotional piece. Every line is gripping, the rhymes i loved and flowed well. I wish i could nominate this. But great great write.