Rant [2]

by Alex Penuelas   Jul 3, 2017

So this one lady
that I've been friends with
for about 2 years
decided to
cut all ties with me today
because she now
is in a relationship,
and apparently he's jealous of me/
she may not want to be reminded
that we used to be a thing.

I mean.
I will admit that
I do have
some sort of connection to her.

But now it is
nowhere near like
it was before.

We basically
tried to be a thing
a while ago
and we realized that it would
never work,
due to the simple fact that
we were thousands of miles apart,
and the only way
that it would work
would be if we were to
move closer to one another.

the feelings for her faded
because I quite simply
Have no more interest in her
as a partner,
But rather as a good friend.

And I haven't really
spoken to her in months,
which is normal because
she has depression
and she would usually
cut ties with people for a bit
because she's going through some
tough times.

So I would be a good friend
and regularly check in on her
to see if she's okay,
All the while updating her
with the stuff that I've been doing.

And yeah, I missed her.
Because, well,
she's my friend,
and I miss my friends
when I don't talk to them
for a while.

But now I know why she wasn't talking to me.

I mean damn.
I get it if you
think that I'm
overstepping my boundaries
by sending you certain stuff
In a certain language
That can be considered flirtatious.

I get it.
As long as you tell me about it,
then I'll understand.

The key thing here is

If you tell me
"hey, I would like it
if you were to
reword the things
you say to me
because I'm in a relationship
with somebody right now
by the way,
I personally
think would end
in about a
couple of months,
because. well
that's how she is),
and he doesn't like it when
guys send me these things"

Then okay.
That is perfectly okay.
I'll stop doing it.
I'll stop doing those things
if it makes you guys uncomfortable.

I'll stop doing it
if he thinks I'm
trying to get with you
(even though we've
already established that
we just wanna be friends).

But how am I
Supposed to
Know these things
If you don't
Communicate them with me?

How am I supposed to know
That I have crossed a line
If the line wasn't even established
In the first place?

I'm sorry that I made you
Feel that way,
But know that my intentions
Were pure,
And that I no longer wished
Anything more from our

Know, however,
That if you need me,
You know where to
Find me.

But don't expect me to just
Take you in with open arms
Like I used to.

As I stated before,
I am now on to your game.

To the point that
I can now break your actions down to
Bullet points.

I have a feeling that:
1. You will start a new relationship with some guy.
2. Cut all ties with me because of your jealous bf. <--(We are already on this step)
3. Secretly text me out of the blue that you want to break up with him (all the while trying to get my hopes up of being with you (which I am no longer interested in, PRECISELY BECAUSE OF THIS REASON.))
4. Break up with them then use me as a rebound.

And I absolutely,
HATE being the rebound.

I hate being the second option,
The consolation prize,
The runner up,
The one that is good but not good enough for you the first time.

If you follow these steps to the letter,
Then I will not talk to you anymore.

Other than that,
I wish you the
Best of luck in your

Although I do hope that you realize that
You have lost a friend in the process...


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Well, I really don't know why but I like reading your rants. :-)

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