Where olde souls fear to tread

by Dancing Rivers   Jul 3, 2017

If ever there were a time to ponder
on all of the mysteries of the yonder years
would we be dancing happily around the ancient fires
or would be crucifying our souls in the name of peace?

If you were taught to set yourself free
would you sell yourself to the demons in your eyes
or would you praise the goodness in your mind?

Would you in hypocrisy call to the angels in your heart
and declare yourself a saint before the stone nations
or would you bow your head in earnest
and let the hands of the trees capture your sorrows?

But dear friend what of the secrets hidden deep
where the oldest of souls fear to tread?

Would you stand on the mountaintop
and declare yourself a chaotic masterpiece of pain
or would you rush to find the nearest brush
and paint yourself in gold, for the world's admiration?

Friend, in melancholic musings
would you dare to be true
to reveal your soul to the skies of blue?

What indeed would we do...


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